What people are saying

Probably the most impressive thing about Logan is his value for connecting with his subjects. He treats you like his best friend and therefore pulls the most authentic you in his photos. He genuinely cares and invests in you

Zach Virden

What I remember most was the day downtown we spent together. It never felt like a shoot, it felt like a natural extension of the day we were having. It was as if Logan has just asked me a question with his camera. All I had to do was answer.

Neal Bledsoe

Logan made me feel safe, confident. He immediately relaxed me and took fantastic shots. He's funny, charming, and patient with his subjects. Beyond happy with Logan's work and I recommend him to everyone.

Wesley Taylor

Shooting with Logan is always such a relaxing, fun experience. His photos are among mine and my reps favorite shots for PR use. Can't recommend shooting with him enough!

Lindsay Pulsipher

"Logan was an absolute joy to work with! Not only is he very professional, but he has an amazing eye and was able to capture me and my energy beautifully in his photography. He made me feel incredibly comfortable throughout my entire shoot and even made it fun and entertaining. If you are like me and shooting headshots are not your favorite thing, DEFINITELY work with Logan, he will deliver a new kind of experience for you while simultaneously providing you with excellent headshots. I can’t recommend him enough."

Krystle Mintonye

Shooting with Logan was a phenomenal experience. Really chill, really casual, and totally fun. Highly recommend him to anyone.

Steven Tyler O'Connor

"I wanted my headshots to look like me. Not the done up version of me, or the me that other photographers thought I should look like. Just me. Logan understood that and was really able to capture me. I love the shots, and casting directors clearly do too; the first project I submitted for using my new headshots, I got an audition!"

Julia Yorks

I love the shots Logan took of me. He's been a great friend of mine for ages, but also happens to be the friendliest guy on the planet, and could make even the most nervous non-actory-type crack up and feel like a movie star in no time. He's incredibly adept behind the camera and making his client feel comfortable; his silly, funny charm is infectious. And his photos are gorgeous!

Molly Ephraim

Logan has an uncanny sense of lighting and composition. Shooting with him was the best headshot experience I've ever had, by far! In the end, the photos themselves are all that matters. And they are top notch indeed!

Paul Duran