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  • Do I need Hair and Make up?
    I always recomend my clients booking hair and make up. It is one less thing to have to think about when you are in front of the camera trying to be as present as possible. It can make a big difference, even when you are going for a very natural look. HMU Rates: $150.00 to set hair and make up then leave. $200.00 to stay and do one look change. $50.00 per extra look change.
  • What do I wear?
    My suggestions for wardrobe involves getting very clear on what you hope to accomplish with our shoot. A few questions to consider. The first couple are most geared toward actors. What roles do I want to be seen for? If I were to have an audition for those roles what would I wear into the audition? Do I feel confident in this outfit? Do I feel like the best version of myself? What of my attributes do I want to highlight? Once you have answered these questions for yourself select two options per look to bring with you. Some wardrobe items photograph better than others.
  • What constitutes a "look""
    Anything you could throw a jacket over. Change anything else it is a new look.
  • Do you give discounts?
    I do not discount my work. I feel I am at a price point that provides exceptional quality for a very fair price. I always aim to give my clients a little more than they pay for every time.
  • Where do we shoot?
    Unless we have decided on a on location shoot you will be coming to my home studio in West Hollywood. 814 1/2 N. Hayworth Ave Los Angeles Ca, 90046 Parking: Street parking. It can be tough but with a little patience something always becomes available. Always feel free to call me for help.
  • What is the process of shooting like?
    When you arrive we will have a sit and chat with a cup of coffee or tea and to get to know one another a little and to talk about what we are looking to do as well as review wardrobe options. Next we will move out to the studio, throw on some music and get HMU started while I set up the studio. Then I will talk through some basics of breathing and relaxation in front of the camera. The first few minutes will be a sort fo warm up as we get into the flow of the shoot and then we will continue to cycle through looks untill we are satisfied. If all has gone according to plan we will have had an enjoyable, painless experience.
  • How soon do I get to see my photos?
    As soon as possible. Usually within 2-3 days, sometimes up to one week. It depends on how many shoots I am working on at any given time. I carefully select the best shots from the shoot and then do slight color and exposure correction so as to give you the best looking gallery possible.
  • Do I get to have all the photos from the shoot?
    The gallery that I send you of the selections is downloadable. They are not high resolution but work well for instagram posts. You will recieve two free retouched photos per shoot and additional retouches are $35.
  • Do I own the photos?
    You do not. I am the technical owner of every photograph I take. This does not however limit you to use them for the general purposes of self promotion. You are however obligated to have my conscent and to give me photo credit in any published ariticles. The photos can never be profited from without a contract from me. If you would like to own the photographes they can be purchased for a higher rate. Just ask me about the options. And if you are thinking this sounds fishy. Believe me, this is the absolute standard and it should never get in the way of anything you intend to do with the phoots.
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